Friday, April 1, 2011

10 New Digital Art Kits Released for April

Can you believe 10 New Digital Art Kits released for APRIL!!! 

 Aren't they adorable?  I can hardly wait to get into my studio and start playing with these wonderful new kits. Just too much FUN.  Send me an EMAIL (margie@mystorybooklane.com) and I will get you started too. Our studios are FREE....you just pay to print off your storybooks, posters, scrapbook pages, whatever you create.  We have many things for you to make and personalize.  Join me on Wireless Wednesdays or Inspiration Thursday Nights.    Check out my videos to help you get started.  Don't forget my website.  www.mystorybooklane.com ...you can set up your own studio right NOW!!
 Enjoy your weekend.  

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