Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cupcake Pics

So here I am ...still learning about blogging.  I still have a few things to figure out but for the most part I am enjoying the journey.  I just love reading everyone elses blogs...I think I could sit for an entire day...24 hours and read blogs.  That's NUTS...but there are so many good ones! 

My goal here is to share Digital Art with everyone.  I love printables on different sites and Etsy...but did you know you can make them right here in a HM Studio.  I created these 4 simple cupcake pics in my studio. Just punch them out and add a kabob stick.   I have matching favor bag toppers, straw bands, and lots of other matching party pieces.  The best part is that you can personalize these too.  Tomorrow I will post the next FREE On Line Class as well as some turtorials to help you get started.  Questions?  Just drop me a note.

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